Technology Infrastructure

Elgin White provides a precise service in a finite community. Elgin White aligns to products not functions; we know what makes our clients unique and why people will work for them, we know the challenges people will face once hired and ensure the person not only fits the role but the company.


Elgin White has extensive experience working with group technology and infrastructure units to help build teams that deliver core services and infrastructure to the business technology units. Our knowledge encompasses the entire network from the physical to the application layer.

In addition to technologists and their associated leadership we also work closely with market data functions delivering front to back data experts from both a technical and commercial perspective.

Case Study:

A global Investment bank has a back office operation with 1.5 trillion USD of assets under management. The back office’s ability to remain compliant is a direct function of the reliability of the end of day and intraday pricing. This data is highly complex, both from a technical and a contractual point of view. Elgin White were tasked with the identification of a Project Manager who had experience working with Static/ Historic data vendors to negotiate contractual frameworks while also being capable of drilling down into the data consumer systems to quickly assimilate and analyze the current usage. After an exhaustive search Elgin White identified a candidate who offered this skill set, he was promptly brought in as a consultant to ensure data compliance whilst also identifying potential savings from more effective data use across the business’s product lines.

Deal History:

Data Centre Project manager – CoLo Financial Services Vendor
Senior Market Data Business Analyst (Cost control) – Tier One US Investment Bank
Securities Services Technical Project Manager – Data Rationalisation - Global Investment Bank
Market Data Engineer (RMDS) – Global Investment Bank
Market Data Operations (Contributions) – Tier One European Investment Bank
SQL Developer – European Investment Bank
C# Application Developer – UK Investment Bank
Summit Integration Programme Manager (Front to Back) – Global Investment Bank