Corporate & Investment Banking

Elgin White provides a precise service in a finite community. Elgin White aligns to products not functions; we know what makes our clients unique and why people will work for them, we know the challenges people will face once hired and ensure the person not only fits the role but the company.


Elgin White’s Corporate & Investment Banking Practice works with Global Investment Banks and the smaller Investment Houses and Boutiques. Mandates are worked from Analyst to Managing Director level within Corporate Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions, Structured & Hybrid Finance, Real Estate Finance and Sector coverage.

Case Study:

A global investment bank required an experienced structured finance executive to present and execute complex financial solutions that were both on and off balance sheet. The role required a broad, yet detailed, knowledge of several disparate areas including multiple asset classes (vanilla and OTC), cross border regulatory requirements, accounting and tax. In addition to the technical requirements, the role demanded someone with experience of driving internal peer groups and presenting complex solutions to clients. Utilising a hybrid search and advertising campaign we provided our client with a shortlist of candidates, from this shortlist an offer was made and accepted.

Deal History:

Director of Hybrid Finance – International Investment Bank
Senior Manager Structured Finance – European Investment Bank
Relationship Manager International Development Organisations - Tier One Global Investment Bank