FI Currency and Commodities – Capital Markets

Elgin White provides a precise service in a finite community. Elgin White aligns to products not functions; we know what makes our clients unique and why people will work for them, we know the challenges people will face once hired and ensure the person not only fits the role but the company.


Elgin White works with banking and broking businesses across the sales, trading and research functions. In addition to the business areas, Elgin White works with the quantitative and business technology groups to help build complete business platforms.

A number of our clients also provide e-commerce portals to both institutional and retail clients; we work extensively in the business and technical development of these products.

Case Study:

A global Investment bank wanted to strengthen their FX and Money Market business. After an internal review the e-FX platform was identified as a strategic weakness. The bank did not have the in-house experience to deliver a next generation integrated e-trading platform. Elgin White were mandated to bring the required talent into the business. A candidate shortlist was quickly generated and presented to the client. After interviewing the shortlist the client offered the role to an e-FX Director from a global top 5 competitor.


Deal History:

Fixed Income Head of Web Marketing – Tier One European Investment Bank
Head of eFX - Tier One Global Investment Bank
Fixed Income Product Manager – European MTF
Institutional FX Sales – Global Investment Bank
Quantitative Strategy Fixed Income – Global Asset Manager
Fixed Income Institutional Sales – European Agency Broker
Senior Sales Fixed Income etrading German speaking Europe – European MTF
Business Architect eFX Programme – UK Investment Bank